Planers and Moulders

Our planers and moulders are machines designed to provide the greatest added value in longitudinal processes of industrial wood remanufacturing. We have machines for different needs from 35 m/min to 120 m/min. And with more than 65 years in the market and more than 7000 units sold worldwide we understand that we are a globally positioned company capable of being a strategic partner for your next project.

Concept dl-3006

  • Four-sided moulder (speed 35 meters per minute)
  • Working width 230 mm
  • Hydraulic counter-supported axis
  • Chrome tables
  • Straight and shaped jointer in the last two horizontal axes
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Concept dl 4006

  • Higher speed moulder (up to 80 meters per minute)
  • Cardan Transmission System
  • Splitting saws module (optional)
  • Individual pneumatic locking of the axial movement for the horizontal axes
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Lamelmac pl 706

  • Sawing system before the first horizonal axis allows to optimize and reduce the waste of wood to make the lamellas
  • System of linear guides and vertical axis with automatic positioning.
  • Control panel with touchscreen
  • Last two axes hydro supported
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Hector dl 7007

  • Named in honor of our founder “Hector Jose Linares”
  • High Speed Moulder (up to 120 meters per minute)
  • Tilt drag bridge, facilitates the work of angled profiles
  • Pneumatic brakes for each axis
  • Precision axes with paired angular contact bearings
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