Hector dl-7007

moulder with vel. 120 m/min

Technical Details

Three position selectors that allow the brake to be released for different applications, push buttons for automatic jointer.

Hiraulically contra-supported ends ensure absolute rigidity in the total length of the work spindle, allowing large parts to be machined at high speed while maintaining the same quality throughout the piece. The axial adjustment is made without the need to remove pressure from the support.

The tilting drag bridge greatly facilitates the machining of angled profiles, and with 100% effective traction in the feed, since the entire surface of the drag rolls make contact with the wood.

Dashboard, to control the machine remotely, with different functions, also has a digital display that allows a better arrangement of machine information.

Optional, chrome tables and guides for the work of abrasive materials, such as MDF, prolonging the useful life for many more years.

Rigid jointers of form with pneumatic drive of 0.017 mm of advance for each pass that ensures a long useful life of the tool. This mechanism that allows to obtain optimum surface qualities of high velocity termination.

Quick adjusting exit clamp for better tuning.

Strong input and output adjustment presses, with quick adjustment for better tuning.

Gimbal feed system, with 4-input high-resistance gearboxes, gives the machine great drag safety. Individual motors for each spindle, supported by robust cast iron supports.

Pneumatic brakes for each axle allows a better application and utility when calibrating.

Cross section of the precision axes showing the configuration with paired angular contact bearings, without a doubt that this design allows a serene ride, to obtain quality at high forward speeds.

Quick adjustment for brush entry shoes, allows quick placement without the need to use a dial handle.

Axis Configuration

Hector dl-7007



Technical Specifications

Min-Max Width (Tool Diameter Ø140mm)
20-230 mm
Min-Max Height (Tool Diameter Ø140mm)
6-125 mm
Min-Max Number of Spindles
Spindle Speed
6000 rpm
Min-Max Cutting Circle (Horizontal)
(exc. 1st horiz. bottom Ø180mm)
125-250 mm
Min-Max Cutting Circle (Vertical)
125-250 mm
Spindle Diameter (Hardened)
50 mm
Frequency Controlled Feed Speed
9-120 m/min
Feed Rolls Diameter
160 mm
Max Pneumatic Pressure in Drag Rolls
6 bares
Rango de movimiento axial de ejes horizontales
22 mm
Rango de movimiento axial para ejes verticales
30 mm
Longitud de mesa de entrada
966 mm
Pneumatic brakes on horizontal-vertical spindles
Upper and lower motor drive rollers
Changeable work tables
Gimbal transmission
Pneumatic Orbital Entry Presser
Split pneumatic clamp adjustable to the hta. in horizontal spindles
Presser input and output of horiz axes. fast orbital adjustment
Automatic table lubrication
Centralized grease
Exchangeable tables
Tables Adjustable to Tools of Vertical Spindles
Soundproofing enclosure
Hydraulic Support on Horizontal Axes
Straight/Shape Jointer
Hard Chrome on Tables and Guides
Tilt Bridge


Max width 300mm
Repowering of motors on horizontal axes (up to 40 HP)
Roller feed extension
Multi Voltages
Working height 125 mm
Hydrocentral Tools
Tool Measuring device

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