Lamelmac pl-706

optimizing resources in lamella production

Technical Details

Pushbuttons for saw lubrication, with digital counters for a better position for saw cutting. With centralized lubrication and autoamtica of the machine.

High thrust input presses for better compression in the wood and with a linear guide system to improve their position accompanied by the tupi in its automatic positioning.

Saw cutting system before the garlopa allows to improve and reduce the waste of wood to make the lamellae.

1 - Wood entering the machine; demarcated area is by way of representation what a garlopa or brush would remove in the wood.

2 - The wood being cut into lamellae before entering a garlopa or brush.

3 - Wood already cut into lamels fall and match on the table causing garlopa and brush to eliminate less material and make it possible to take advantage of more wood.

4 - Wood already processed by the machine has a better optimization of this since it previously passed through a saw before the entire brushing process.

Remote control panel, with different functions such as speed indicator, wood meters processed by the machine, touchscreen with different functions such as alert on machine functions and errors, lubrication and maintenance time settings, among others.

Last two axes against supports that allow to improve the finish in the wood.

Electrical cabinet independent of the machine that links the machine with its charger.

The motors have brakes that allow a better optimization of time since when the cabin is opened the axles brake quickly and allows a better set-up of the machine.

Axis Configuration

Technical Specifications

Feed Speed
10-60 m/min
Working Width
20-230 mm
Working Height
6-125 mm
Diameter of Axis
50 mm
RPM of Axis
Axial Movement of Axis
40 mm
Radial Movement of Axis
10 mm
Tractor roll train top / bottom to the entrance
Tractor rollers lower output
Feed Table Length
1300/2000 mm
Soundproof Booth
Brush Presser
Drag Roller Diameter
160 mm
Circulo corte 1º inferior (sierra)
250-300 mm
Circulo de corte 2º Inferior
250-300 mm
1st Top Circular Cut (Saw)
150-200 mm
3rd Bottom Cirucular Cut (Saw)
150-200 mm
2nd Top Circular Cut (Saw)
150-200 mm


1st Horizontal Bottom
75 hp
2nd Horizontal Bottom
20 hp
1st Horizontal Top
20 hp
3rd Horizontal Bottom
20 hp
2nd Horizontal Top
20 hp
Drag System
30 hp
Bridge Movement
4 hp
380 V
50 Hz
Command Voltage
24 V

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