moldurera vel. 80 m/min

Technical Details

The cast body as a cast iron monoblock guarantees a unique stability when machining high-quality products at high feed rates.

Pneumatic upper horizontal entry clamp with very easy adjustment, when it is necessary to adjust it to different cutting circles in short times.

Forward speed system controlled by electronic frequency inverter, indicated on the control panel by an electronic meter regulated by a potentiometer.

Precision axle design with double pair of angular contact paired bearings, which undoubtedly allows a serene ride, to obtain surface quality at high forward speeds.

Gimbal feed system, with high-strength gearboxes, gives the machine great drag safety. Individual motors for each spindle, supported by robust cast iron supports.

Hydraulically counter-supported ends ensure absolute rigidity, allowing mexanize wide pieces at high speed while maintaining excellent termination. The axial adjustment is performed without removing the hydraulic pressure.

Optional, chrome tables and guides for the work of abrasive materials, such as MDF, prolonging its utility for many more years.

Rigid straight and shaped jointers with 0.017 mm movement for each pass that ensures a long tool life. This mechanism allows to obtain optimum surface qualities of termination at high speeds.

Module of split saws at the exit very useful for opening wood, ex. Double machimbre and raw material optimization.

Exit rigors of great rigidity, allowing these deep cuts of wood with a great stability of the same.

Robust system of continuous upper and lower traction, allows excellent drag from small parts to large beams.

Individual pneumatic locking of the axial movement of the horizontal axes that allows adjusting the axes from outside the machine with the cab closed, simply with the movement of a valve.

Axis Configuration

Concept dl-4006



Technical Specifications

Min-Max Width (Tool Diameter Ø140mm)
20-230 mm
Min-Max Height (Tool Diameter Ø140mm)
6-125 mm
Min-Max Number of Spindles
Spindle Speed
6000 rpm
Min-Max Cutting Circle (Horizontal) (exc. 1st horiz. bottom Ø180mm)
110-200 mm
Min-Max Cutting Circle (Vertical)
110-200 mm
Spindle Diameter (Hardened)
50 mm
Frequency Controlled Feed Speed
7-80 m/min
Adjustment Range for Infeed Bed Plate and Fence
10 mm
Axial Movement for Horiz-Vertical Spindles
22 mm
Feed Rolls Diameter
140 mm
Max Pneumatic Pressure
6 bar
Infeed Table Length
2000 mm
Min. Stock Length
228 mm
Upper and Lower Driven Feedrolls
Bed Plates Exchangable and Adjustable to Tool
Cardan Drive System
Air Loaded Receding Chipbreaker in Front of Top Spindles
Air Loaded Automatic Oil Pump
Centralized Lubrication Points
Pneumatic Clutch (Top Spindles + Feed Rolls)
Remote Controls for Emergency Stop, Feed Jog and Feed Works
Full Sound and Safety Enclosure

Potencia de Motores

1st Bottom Horizontal
7.5-25 hp
Left Vertical
7.5-12.5 hp
Right Vertical
7.5-12.5 hp
Horizontal Top
10-25 hp
2nd Horizontal Top
10-25 hp
Second Horizontal Bottom
7.5-25 hp
7.5-12.5 hp
2 hp
Motor de arrastre
5.5-10 hp


Hydraulic Support in Horiz Axes. (except 1st Horiz. Bottom)
Linear Jointer
Shape Jointer
Motor repowering
Hard chrome on tables and guides
Slotted tables
Roller feed extension
Shaft Diameter 40mm
Higher spindle rotation speed up to 8000 rpm
Long entry table (2000 mm)
Multi Voltages

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